learn to create pins that show up even if you don'T

The Exact System That Gets Me Hundreds Of Blog Visitors Daily - Even If I Don't Turn On the Computer For Weeks (#CrazyBusyMomLife)

Do any of these sound familiar?

You are done with the same ol’, same ol’ Pinterest advice and looming algorithm fears?
You are done throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping that something sticks?  
You finally want your piece of the fancy Pinterest traffic cake everyone else is raving about?
But you feel drained and you know you might ghost from your blog again anytime your mom life blows up around you!
Secretly you start to really dislike Pinterest and the whole content creation rat race
I get it. You and me, we need something sustainable. Something really worth our time. 


Is that you ... ?

Showing up is hard! You struggle with consistency!

You only have your fringe hours and fried brain to dedicate to your blog. 
How the heck are you supposed to churn out fresh content 24/7?? 
Do you have to sell a kidney to pay for ads, schedulers, and fancy graphic design software?
Every damn minute you put into your blog has to be invested smart. If only you knew how! 
You have tried every tactic under the sun. With not much to show for.
Some pins take off while others completely suck. You start doubting your greatness altogether.
Is Pinterest success not in your book?
“Pinterest loves fresh content” they say. “Create new pins daily. Forever” they say. Yeah. But what if you just don’t have the time to make creating pins your full-time gig??

You Have Tried The "Expert" Advice But...

You did courses that teach to pin 100 pins a day. But you couldn’t keep up. Or worse, you now look spammy to Pinterest!

Churning out new pins all the time and hoping for the best is not an option. You just don’t have the time.

You wonder if you should give paid schedulers another try. But the last time around, you wasted money without getting more traffic.

And you still need to fill your queue up so you have something to actually schedule with your fancy paid tool.

You spent time in pin-for-pin threads that took the better part of your late nights without getting anywhere else but sleep-deprivation land.

Your own research left you with tons of conflicting information!

Why is everybody out there telling you something else?? #informationoverload

You Wonder ... ?

Which part of the puzzle are you missing?!

Do you have what it takes?

Maybe you should just give up on Pinterest. You are too scatterbrained, clueless, and time-starved. Let everybody else have all the free and targeted traffic! 

You can still keep your blog as an expensive hobby that nobody but your BFF reads.


Or you could take a different approach. One that does not conflict with your over-busy life and tiny time budget!

Imagine what it would be like to build a pinning system that sends you traffic even if you sit with a sick child or clean up your hot mess because your mother-in-law has called that she will come around in 5 minutes!


The Everlasting Pin System

Look up from your eat-your-feelings dessert for a second.

Your struggle ends today.

What do you say? Is it finally time for you to:


  • Get off the draining hamster wheel of content creation so you have more time for the important stuff
  • Get the right people on your blog so you can build your tribe & share your message
  • Get paid so you can afford the weekend-trip with the kiddos
  • Maximize your time so you can reach your goals FASTER
  • Relax when life throws a curveball and you can’t make it to the screen so your family gets your full attention when they need it most

Here's what you'll get

Over $500 worth of bonuses

Pin Lookbook - Worth 37$

Get a behind-the-scenes look at my most popular and viral content. Plus, simple tutorials to help you create look-alike pins!

Up-To-date Q&A - Worth 97$

The course will be build live and all your questions are being heard. No cookie cutter BS, but personal answers to all your questions.

Personal support and feedback via email - Priceless

You'll get a special "hot line" email address that shoots your emails straight to my phone.

Outside this course, I charge 197$ per hour for 1-on-1 services.
Plus, honest feedback and cheer-you-on support is priceless in my book!

tutorials - worth 97$

I'll show you step-by-step how to build the perfect pin using free resources only. Plus, how to pin manually and stay out of the spam trap.
Mommy-brain proof, click-along style!

Printable planner - worth 47$

If you love using pen & paper, I'll have your back. Get the yearly and weekly planner to become your most productive. Plus, the yearly pinning planner to master seasonal pinning with ease.

The Pinning toolkit - worth 47$

My personal favorites and recommendations for tools, templates, software and more.

Click the button and come inside for only 47$ (limited time offer)

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I will NEVER again do this crazy packed, live supported course ever again for just 47$! Guaranteed.

Enrollment Ends On Monday 11/30

Here is what Amy learned about Pinterest SEO:

“Carolin’s pinterest keyword guide and planner blew my mind!  I had no idea how to implement pinterest SEO, and she lays it out very simply and clearly. There are great visuals to guide you and links to helpful content.  She walks you how to search for pinterest keywords, how to use them to increase traffic and a lot more.  The planner includes information on the best times to pin seasonal and holiday content (which I had all wrong before).  It also has really helpful printables for various kinds of content and a daily planner.  So grateful to have found this helpful resource!  Thank you, Carolin!” 


Here is what Meagan liked about The Everlasting Pin:

This keyword guide and planner are so thorough and well designed! The guide includes everything I needed to know about Pinterest SEO and the planner helps keep me organized. My favorite part was the actionable steps that I can implement right now.

Here is how The Everlasting Pin resources have helped Tanya:

“I love the colors and layout of your e-books. They are also simple and easy to understand. I especially liked how easy the planner pages were to use. I’ve been looking for some help with my Pinterest strategy that wasn’t too complicated. I have had a business Pinterest account for a little while, but things have changed, and I took a break from my blog for a while. I had really needed help with keyword finding and keywords on pins. The tips for optimizing your profile were helpful also. I highly recommend them.”



TANYA, MY FRUITFUL HOME (Faith Home Family- Living The Abundant Life with Chronic Illness)

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Hey, Why trust me anyways?

I was where you are now. One inch from giving up on Pinterest.

Today, I reach out to you to tell you that you can do this.

I had all the struggles in the world and tried whatever seemed promising, no matter how much work or how big the price-tag.

I worked through chronic pain issues, my husband’s job loss, time famine, grief and entertaining an only-child during a global pandemic.

To say I was ready to throw in the towel would be optimistic.

My blog took a seat on the backburner. For months.

I published no more than five blog posts in 2019, and even fewer in 2020. I don’t use social media because I don’t have any extra ounce of mental bandwidth. 

>>> Can you relate??  <<<

I found a way to make Pinterest work in my favor! – Even if I don’t!

I get sustainable traffic and have pins that work extra hard for me.

Although I don’t have hours of time, a network of supporters, a tech genius mind, or a big budget. None of that.

And I want to show you, how YOU can create pins that show up even if you don’t! 

So you can get off the struggle bus and relax.

My system doesn’t rely on a large following.

The image above compares my account with the one of a Pinterest marketing expert. She was one of my first Pinterest teachers and really knows her stuff. No wonder that almost 40 thousand people decided to follow her!

The reach of our pins however is quite comparable!

And this is for a blog (mine) that has seen 6 new posts in the past 2 years! (Yikes!) Plus, I don’t pin consistently and ignore a lot of the “experts” out there!

Just have a look! This is my traffic in the past 12 months from Pinterest ONLY. The big Pinterest slap of 2020 didn’t hit me. Just the usual little summer slump. Yay!

want that, too? then Lock in your spot in "The Everlasting pin" right now

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So, you better act now and push that little pink button below. You could be thriving a year from now. Or you could just be in the same spot as you are now.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for you if you have never worked deeply on Pinterest SEO and creating sustainable pins that not only look pretty but are equipped with lots of SEO juice!

Plus, you’ll develop a bullet-proof content strategy along the way!

There are so many things you CAN do for Pinterest. But nobody tells you what to focus on if you are suffocating and your time margin is tiiiiny.

I’m clearly not an expert for Pinterest marketing. Why would I struggle for years and bite my desk with frustration if I was?

I’m just a blogging mom who refused to give up because I have put my heart and soul into my website.

I held on to it for dear life because I have already given up on too many things!

It breaks my heart to think of you giving up when you could have thrived!

I create the action steps with people in mind who are brain-fried after a long day of mommying or studying or whatever fills your days.

I also offer email support with the course. If you need more details just let me know and I’ll explain step by step.

The course is great for beginners who want to build a sustainable Pinterest strategy.

It is also great for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of SEO for Pinterest! No matter how long you have been using the platform.

We’ll also build a yearly content strategy specifically for Pinterest. If you need help with that, welcome!

The course works if you create something that people on Pinterest are searching for.

Quick check: Go to Pinterest and enter your blog topic in the search box. Do lots of pins come up that match your topic?

Bonus points if you blog in one of Pinterest big niches AKA interests, like finances, DIY, decor, cleaning, recipes, ….!

The bad news is: Nobody else will build your blog for you.

The good news is: If you do the work it will not be for a flashy moment but lasting. This is not social media where you only see success if you keep showing up day after day.

Pinterest SEO if a great investment of your time and keeps on giving once you have put in the work.

And if you really hate the course, you can get your money back.

First of all, everything we build will be yours forever. So if you fall behind, do not worry. You can catch up whenever it is convenient for you.

Ideally, you should spend 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week to work through the new material.

Why? The hot email support will not last forever! I can only offer it while the course is being built! So it will probably end on Monday 12/21.

It depends on your efforts but in general SEO does need some time to build momentum.

This course will not help you get a quick traffic boost next week because you launch something in December.

I suggest you wait at least 3 months until you compare your new status with your starting point. The longer the better!

You will need software to create your pins with. I use Canva and everything I’ll show is possible with Canva’s free plan.

You do not need any paid tools or things, although I may recommend some paid resources that will help you get better results or save you more time. But again, you do not need any of them to do the work.

Of course, you’ll need a Pinterest account and URLs to send traffic to.

No problem. Shoot me an email to carolin@momcandothis.com!

Grab this offer by the horns today

This offer is only available until Monday 11/30/2020 11:00 PM EST!

Never again after that will I do this crazy offer for the price of only 47$ while giving you 24/7 access to my brains!

My Promises To You

Money-back Guarantee

You have been burned by bad courses. I know. I have been, too!

Or maybe you don’t really know me that well. Get the course and do the work for a full 30 days! If you don’t want it, send me an email to carolin@momcandothis.com and I’ll give you your money back. Period.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance

I also guarantee that never again will you find me doing this for the crazy price of 47$. This is no marketing trick. I’ll build this live and you’ll become a founding member with exclusive personal support from me. I will have to put in a lot of effort to pull this off and next time around, this course will at least double in price.

Third Guarantee

This page probably has a million typos. If you find this scandalous, don’t enroll. There will probably be a lot more typos and grammatical errors in the course. 🙂

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